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  Adapt-Wireless-Receiver-Blue-Front-$39.95  wireless-headphones-tuis-black-$149.95 DJ-Slims-Wireless-Headphones-Blue-Three-Quarters-$69.95 Privates-Wireless-Headphones-$99.95 Adapt Wireless Receiver $39.95  Tuis Wireless Earphones $149.95  DJ Slim Wireless $149.95  Private Wireless $99.95 Ultra Hi-Fi wireless Headphones; connect with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. When connected to phone, with the built in microphone, make and receive hands-free calls.  The Tuis streams audio, up to 30 feet for 16 hours on a single charge. The Private, up to 32 feet for 10 hours. The DJ Slim, 30 feet for 9 hours.    

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Chips Universal Wireless Helmet Audio$129.95  Wired Chips Universal Snow Hlemet $39.95orcas-wireless-earbuds-pack.$99.95 wireless-earbuds-tags 3-in-1-usb-cable-calamari-blue-$14.95
Chipes Universal Wireless $129.95  Wired Chipes $39.95    Orcas Wireless Earbuds $99.95   Wireless Earbuds $64.95  Calamari Cable $14.95 Chips®, Outdoor Tech’s Bluetooth, universal, fully-wireless and wired audio system for ski and snowboard helmets. Connect to bluetooth device, play, pause, raise, volume control, answer calls and skip tracks, with two button interface. Tags and Orcas are wireless earbuds: sweat resistant, light weight, Hi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Turtle Claw$19.95 buckshot-rugged-wireless-speaker$49.95 Blk,grn,red,turq, glow in dark lime  turtle-shell-wireless-speaker-lifestyle-1-570x570 wireless-speaker-with-power-bank-570x570 kodiak 6000 milliamp battery $49.95n colors.
Turtle Claw $19.95  Wireless Speakers: Buckshot $49.95 Turtle Wireless (red) $129.95     Big Turtle $229.95    Kodiak 6000 Milliamp Battery $49.95
Speakers are Water Resistant and the Battery is Waterproof and Shockproof,

Accessories for Your Devices - iPhone, iPads, Samsung & More!


Voted Best Accessory Developer of 2013

LapStand Cover for iPad Air $49.99 Portable Tablet Stage $99.99 PowerHouse Charging Cock Duo $99.99 & $79.99 FGS Shield Fit Cover $39.99
LapStand Cover $49.99  Portable Tablet $99.99 PowerHouse Charging Dock $99.99 & $79.99  Shield Fit Cover $39.99

iPad Accessories

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Secure & Charge w. Surge $399.99 FGS Secure Wired Keyboard w. Lightning Connector $59.99 FGS  Travel Power Pack 9000 $69.99 FGSStore & Charge (AC:Surge Version) $199.99 FGSQODE Ultimate Keyboard Case $129. FGS

Secure Charge & Surge $399.99 Secured Wired Keyboard $59.99  Travel Power Pack $69.99  Store & Charge $199.99  QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case $129.99


AC 1200 DB Wi-Fi Dual Band AC+Gigabit Router $199.n.$99.99   NetCam HD+WiFi Camera with Glass Lens & Night Vision $149.99 n. $129.99 Thunderbolt Express dock + Thunderbolt Cable $229.99 n. $229.99Belkin Universal Media Reader was $39.99:$19.99 Sale: Dual-Band Router $99.99   NetCam Camera $129.99    Dock+Cable $229.99        Media Reader $19.99 Ultimate keyboard Case for iPad (4th & 4rd gen.) & iPad 2 $129.99 n.$49.99Orla Kiely Case for iPhone 5 & 5s $34.99 n. $14.99Tracy Reese Case for iPhone 5 & 5s $29.99 n. $19.99Orla kielt iPad mini & mini with Retina display Case cover $39.99 n. $19.99 Sale: Keyboard Case, iPad $49.99       Kiely iPhone Case $14.99   Reese iPhone Case $19.99   iPad Case Cover $19.99

Belkin Accessory Sale

Belkin 2013 Best Accessory Developer of the Year


 Armband for iPhone & Samsung
Gift With Purchase: MapMyRun MVP Membership with Any Belkin Armband 300x250

New iPhone 6

Micro-USB Plug

Charge and sync your Micro-USB and Lightning connector devices. Plug into any USB port to charge and sync. Works with devices For The Go!

AVG Internet Security

Ultimate protection for everything you do online


Design Your Own Cases!

Unlimited Online Backup from AVG


AVG LiveKive – A new service that copies your files, photos, and music, saves them to a remote server via a secure Internet connection to prevent them from being lost or stolen. Automatic Backup, Share Rooms, Remote Access and Military-grade encryption. Easy, Sociable, Secure and Accessible. PC, Mac, Mobile and Tablet.

Martin Brendal developed the program after finding what his 11 year old son was viewing. “The added security of knowing my family is protected from such graphic adult content is worth every penny and every pain-staking hour I’ve invested to bring this product to life.” $49.95$29.95.


Cameras and Optical

Your Link to Go Pro4

←Photo Link to Mountain Plus – GoPro Hero4
Price: $399.99 Free $25 Giftcard with purchase and Free Shipping!

Built-­‐in touch display, Professional 1080p60 and 720p120 video, 12MP photos-30 frames per second, Built-­‐in Wi-­‐Fi and Bluetooth® support the GoPro App, Smart Remote1, HiLight Tag for easy playback, editing and sharing, QuikCapture, Protune™ delivers cinema, Night Photo and Night Lapse, SuperView wide-­angle, and more.

This Life by Shutterfly – All your Photos and Videos in one place, safe,  secure, organized, with timeline viewing and Geo-tagging. Easily share your memories.  Sign up for Free!

BorowLenses – Rent a Travel Package ($166) or any other Photo or Video Equipment for 7 days or more.

BL – Nikon d3x ($6,999 Retail) Used $2,900.Used Camera Equipment in great condition!

BL-Nikon 24-70 $1,886 (retail)-$1,399. Lenses, Cameras and Video Equipment at affordable prices!


eForCity Camera Accessories

Link to Accessories, for Your Devices

Unbelievably LOW Prices on Accessories for Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Cell Phones & More!
Under each Camera Brand, there is a listing of Camera Models, with Accessories for Each.

 Canon DVD Camcords casio Exilim dNikon 1 series  Nikon Coolpix SEries Nikon Digital SLR Olympus E series Samsung Digital
Cameras Include: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Kodak, Pentax and Samsung.
Hundreds of accessories, including: Data Cables, Timer Remote Cords, Filters, Tripods, Memory Cards, Camera Cases, Batteries, Chargers, Paper and More!

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Zennioptical Eyewear for Ladies, Men & Children – Photo Link→

Kids $14.95-$23.95Men's Full Rim Plastic $19-$27.95 Kids plastic rim frame $12.95
Prescription glasses, progressive and Bifocals starting at $6.99 to $27.99. They are made of high quality, durable plastic and are great for trips, hiking, or just to pack with you to go.  If your going on a trip, be safe and pack a few. Lots of styles and colors for every outfit & every occasion.

AC Lenses

Link to Contact Lenses

Rebates and Discounts on Lens and Eye Care Products!

Cooper-Vision-contact-lenses      Biocompatibles-contact-lenses       CibaVision-contact-lenses      Johnson-Johnson-contact-lenses      Bausch-Lomb-contact-lenses
Cooper Vision                           Biocompatibles                            CibaVision                            Johnson & Johnson                          Bausch & Lomb

Musical Training

Jamie Lewis

Take Your Talent to a New Level
Lessons from Professionals

Learn From Professionals, How to Play Anything on Drums!   Link to Play Anything on Drums  


Learn to Play Anything on Drums
Over 42 Lessons and here is what you will learn: 5,7 and 9 Stroke Rolls, how to use a Click Track, Double Stroke Roll, double Paradiddles, how to use a Double Bass, How to play a flamadiddle, how to play a Flam, the Ruff, Triple Paradiddle, Time Signatures, amazing Fills, Jazz Lessons, Latino, Funk Beat, the Samba, Drum and Bass, Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Metal, Trash Beats, and More. Only $27! 

Jamie Lewis comes from a musical family, his Father was the first Volinist of the Manhattan String Quartet and his Mother was a Cellist also of the Manhattan String Quartet and is the nephew of composer, Rosemary Glyde. He’s has studied at the Manhattan School of Music,the Whitby School, attended a drummers’ collective in New York City and apprenticed with drummer Kenwood Dennard.

Music-Spin Like a Boss Spin Like a Boss $47.

Learn to Be a DJ
Check out the Free Lessons. Learn how to rock the turntables and master the art of DJing with the International DJ Chance. Whether you play Hip Hop or EDM or any other style of music, DJ Chance has earned his name at being one of the most diverse DJ’s. In DJ Chance’s premier Internet Class you can master the art of DJing from the comfort of your own home. Courses include; Matching Pitch Control, the Joe Cooley Scratch, the Crab Scratch and Free lessons with membership.





Learn to DJ from DJ Chance
My name is Jamie, and I talked DJ Chance into filming a complete series on his technique, that has made him one of the most world renowned DJ’s. I was able to capture everything! DJ Chance has practically played with EVERY artist in Hip hop and EDM for the last 30 years. He has also worked with many DJ’s you have heard of like DJ Scribble and DJ Clue. I ended up meeting him in 2000, where he spun an acetate recording that I just couldn’t get to work. It had all my samples on it and I was in a rut. I had some other DJ’s try it, they couldn’t do it either. DJ Chance Ripped it Up! Until now, his methods have been secret, and for as long as he allows me to host this site, you can get your hands on the very same technique that has made him famous.

Link to – Spin Like a Boss Learn to DJ from a Pro – DJ Chance!  (video made by nerdymilly)

Have Fun with Mega Music Maker and Sell Your Beats!  Link to Mega Music Maker

Jamie will teach you how to Make Unlimited Beats in all Genres using you PC or Mac. Fast Editing, Music Sequencer, 7 Octave Keyboard, 16 Tracks of Madness, 9 Dynamic Pads, Drum Sequencer, and Drum Control. This is the biggest, baddest beat maker in existence. New and packed with thousands of amazing sounds, combos and drums. Arrange complete songs  in minutes, or log into the members area, create songs online. 12 Training Classes $27.


aaron-guide-vid ssm-box-green-400 ipad-iphone-diff
Price $147$97   Link to Superior Singing Method

Aaron will be your Personal Guide through the entire SSM program, so that you get every tip, lesson, and technique. You will get videos within each module, giving you the step-by-step tools needed to make improving your singing voice easy and effective. You’ll master every technique faster and enjoy rapid results in your singing ability.

A Systematic Approach – Learn the right techniques and exercises, at exactly the right time. – A 360° Vocal Training Method – Become a well-rounded singer and improve your – pitch, tone, vocal range, stamina, or any other area. – Video And Audio Training – Learn the fundamentals by watching Aaron, as he teaches you the proper techniques with high quality, effective audio vocal exercises and step-by-step instructional videos. – 31 Dynamic Vocal Exercises –  Great instruction on singing and 31 vocal exercise audios (the foundation for the entire program) using a “plyometric vocal training” approach. – Daily Vocal Training Routines – Vocal training is fast, easy, and enjoyable with daily vocal exercise routines. Learn what to do and when, without damaging your voice.

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